Friday, September 10, 2010

Now thats more like it

After a few pills she seems to be doing better. I finally made a dress, I should have started making dresses for the other girls first. I hope they don't get mad at me :0

Crazy Pants

Her hair is complete now with a blonde stip in the front. Looks like she's off her meds here. But she'll be alright.

Now for some hair

I added the red hair to this one as well. Some of it at least.


Here's the rest of the limbs and another pair of arms for the third doll since her previous one's broke off.

Last of the eyes

Last two layers.
Second layer.....

Ghost eyes

Here is the 4th addition to the set. I'm in the process of painting the iris in different layers
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Get to work

Now if I could only get to work on making the dresses and not just tying them around the dolls....

Red Hair

I figured I'd add red hair to compensate for the way the eyes came out. In the middle of the process I realized that the clay that I used for this one was very brittle and broke easily. I had to now search for a new brand of clay. Not fun at all especially when I'm in the midst of a creative spurt.

A little makeup

So I painted a little makeup and even added eyebrows. She looks a little better but still, missing something.....

The Stalker.....

I was hoping that painting her would make her look better but she's still missing something.... Kinda creepy looking.
Here is an earlier photo of the third doll that I made (the unpainted one). Didn't take too many pics of this one, I wanted to use the eyes that I previously created. I wasn't too happy with the outcome, but decided to make lemonade out of lemons. :)

A little closer

I finished applying the hair and here is a closer look of her face.
This one's a little blurry, please forgive me :). I started putting the hair on this one and decided to mix some blond into it.
This is the second doll that I started making. I tried to make the eyes a little different but I don't think I'm going to make anymore shaped like them. They will do for this one though.

Get to work!

This is the fabric that I am going to make her dress out of. I cut it to fit her I just didn't get around to stitching it. It's just tied in the back
Decided to keep the hair and use it for this doll. I put it on with a glue gun.

How do I look?

Trying out this hair again to make sure it doesn't blend too much with the complexion of the doll'
Here she is painted. Ran into a problem with the paint feeling sticky after a week or so. After some research I found that certain paint and clay combinations get sticky from the way they react to each other and never dry. My way around this was to put clear nail polish on top of the doll's coat of paint.

All Baked

After settling on the features and the limbs I finally baked her
I completed the limbs for the rest of the body. I just stuck that hair behind her head to see if I wanted to use it.

Different eyes

I decided to make different eyes for this doll. I wish would have took pics of them before placing them.

Which ones?

I was trying out eyes to see which ones looked like they belonged. I loved how they came out but didn't feel that they looked right on her

Dry eyes?

These were eyeballs that I created from a tutorial that I found online. They came out a lot better that I had expected.

The begining

This was the very first stage of my doll making. I wasn't even sure f i was going to complete this one.

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